Dang Han Tuong (Stephen)

Visual Story-Teller | Art Direction | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | | Traveller | Animals Lover | I wrap my thought in works of art. Stephen is a graduate of Bachelor of Visual Communication . He has a passion for the art and design. Since he's a little boy, he really likes art and drawing and coloring things. He believes that learning is a never ending process and that everyday is a chance to be better at something you really like the most.

Editorial illustration
Agency Works
Contemporary Art
Posters Design (Personal project )
3D Illustration
Ghost in the Shell
School Project ( i-Cycle Campaign Project )
Wildest Dreams ( Personal artwork )
MKB Gift Vouchers
School Project “ Stop using animal as medicine ”
School Project ( Graphic Design & Society )
School Project ( ESPN 3D Poster )
Personal Sketch (inks)
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