Base on the target audience students who studying on creative course or those studying other course disciplines and also culturally engaged. The main element of this project is a media with QR code , Nowadays young people used their smartphone as a tool to communicate with friends ,upload some news ,photo on their social website....etc . Studies show that there is so much potential and power behind QR code. It’s convenience to access a website or get some information by scan the QR code .

The strategy to achieve the objective of this project is by creating an competition for students by upload their artwork on its nice that website ,competition can be photography, painting,fashion ,product design ..., Competition is an intrinsic and powerful motivator, therefore creating a environment where students can quantify and compare individual benchmarks will channel competitive spirit and increase their performance and attract them to visit the website. The main deliverables will be a art competition advertisements (Poster and postcard/ flyer) and together also promoting the website , The media placement will take places that can reach the target audience, such as posters in school’s wall or on the class room door to easy reach the student .postcard or flyer will take places in school library ,where student study after class .

The tone of the campaign will be straightforward and informative to make it easier for the audience to get the message. In terms of execution and art directions, for the poster and postcard/ flyer is more clean and use combination of type and simple illustration with some creative culture elements ,show like come to join us on the creative island .Some fresh colors make it more close to the theme.(young and creative ) 
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