Wildest Dreams ( Personal artwork )

Personal artworks. Most of my works ideas, half of them come from dreams .I create it to take you away from anything that's happening in your life.Make you feel something you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. I make art primarily and like expressing emotions because I enjoy the process. It’s fun making things.

If there is no place for your heart to stay, it will always be wandering wherever you go.
Inspired by Birdman movie 
"you know I'm right. Listen to me,man. You are the original! Let make a comeback! You're Birdman! You are god!" 
Love and Life
Just living is not enough.life must have faith, love, dream, freedom, hope and music
Falling Down
When you have nothing left to lose, you only have everything left to gain.
Vivid Dreams
I have really vivid dreams every night and I remember them all the time 
Spectre 007
Inspired by the Spectre 007 opening sequence. Stunning visuals effect 
Guitar Lover
Picking up guitar up again after 8 years of slacking off...I learn to play again , travel the world and play for you
The gladdest moment in human life , me thinks , is a departure into unknown lands - Sir Richard Burton.
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